2 – Da – Loo

High growth salons have 2+ spray tan rooms … 2+ has become a (common) thing.
VersaSpa has case studies which show that adding a 2nd room can add 40+% more spray sessions.

More convenient/quick to tan in your salon than a competitor – waits disappear, or are very short.

Also, if you have 2+ spray tan rooms, you grow sessions by expanding the tanning options.

VersaSpa has two very popular bronzer tones/shades – Monterey (classic bronze) and Catalina (unique blend of bronzer for a deep ‘island tan’).

Salons with 1 room tend to offer 1 bronzer tone.

Salons with 2+ spray rooms, offer an additional bronzer tone in 2nd booth, which allows the salon to offer a tan that matches all skin types.

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