Compared to what

Women have many options to get their look ‘just so’.

Are you making her an offer that she can’t refuse?

The Offer: Great Environment (salon). Great Service (staffer). Great Value for the money (spray tan).

Is your salon and spray tan offer a better OVERALL deal than her other options?

If your price is $30 or more for a single session, are you giving your salon the best chance to win her business?

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I love to be kept waiting

Said, no one … ever.

Yet, Thursdays and Fridays offer hefty wait times for spray tanners because, well, every weekend is an ‘event’, even when there isn’t a wedding, prom, or the like.

What can a salon do to reduce this wait time and inconvenience?

1) Conduct a market survey to see if local salons make their customer wait as long as your salon. If not, check to see if the salon has more than 1 spray room.

2) Spread the crowd by offering the “Saturday Special”. On Saturday, there’s still 2 days left in weekend – lots of fun can still be had, especially when she’s looking her very best. Offer a special discount on Saturday morning spray tans. Historically, only 12% of spray tan sessions occur on Saturday versus 51% on Thursday and Friday, combined.

Make Saturdays work harder for your salon.

3) Add another spray room to the salon. That’s right, it might be time to invest more in spray tanning – especially if the number of customers waiting is consistent and your local competitors have 2+ spray rooms. Mystic Tan has case studies which demonstrate that salons that add a spray room increase spray sessions by 40% (provided they also offer a reasonable price). If the budget is tight – consider buying a used booth. Businesses that make is easier and more convenient for customers win new customers and loyalty.

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10 Self-Tan Tips to Look Your Best

When it comes to tanning, that “healthy glow” simply isn’t. Dermatologists have warned against the damage and dangers of traditional tanning in the hot sun. Fortunately, sunless tanning alleviates those concerns.

You can deduct 100% of purchase price for Spray Tan Equipment

Changes in the IRS tax code make it easier and more affordable for salon owners to purchase new spray tan equipment.

Section 179 of the updated IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the current tax year. That means that if a business buys (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, it can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from their gross income.

Simple example: If a business has Gross Income of $50,000 and purchases a new automated spray tan booth for $26,000, the adjust (taxable) Gross Income is reduced by $26,000 to $24,000, which lessens overall tax payment, while allowing the business to invest in itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every business owner should consult with their personal tax advisor to determine how this tax provision will affect their individual business, and whether or not the laws and regulations have changed.

As a reminder, sales/income from spray tanning is 100% exempt from the 10% Tan Tax.

I Don’t Eat Meat

Customer to restaurant server: How’s the NY Strip tonight?

Server to customer: I don’t eat meat, I’m a vegetarian.

As bad as that response is, can you even imagine a server saying: “I don’t eat at this restaurant.”

Yet, a similar scenario is not uncommon in tan salons.

Customer to staffer: “Can you tell me a little about spray tanning?”

Staffer to customer: “I don’t spray tan.” 

Spray tanning may not be for every staffer, but every staffer needs to know how to sell a spray tan.

So, what might a staffer who doesn’t spray tan say to a customer?

  • It might be most helpful to let you know what our spray tanners love about it …
  • UV tanning is my fave but our customer that spray tan look amazing …
  • We must have 50 people spray tan each week, and they love …

Customers are looking to be honestly informed, so have staffers tell them what spray tan lovers love about spray tanning.

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