A one, and a 2

When your review data in your POS system, do you have any salon rooms generating LESS THAN $65,000+ in annual sales, at 80% gross margin? If yes, here’s something to consider.

Across all salons in the USA, a VersaSpa PRO spray booth performs 8.9 spray sessions per day – on average. Btw, the average for the predecessor VersaSpa booth is 5.2 per day, or 41% less sessions.

8.9 sessions per day

x 365 days

= 3,248 spray sessions per year

x $21.00 per spray session

=$68,218 in annual sales for salon

Little secret: Many salons with VersaSpa PRO booth, have more than 1 and have implemented a reasonable price for a single spray session.

New & better equipment + Reasonable price + Faster service for customers = Win for customers & salon owners.  

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