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So, are you, your spray tan business, your staff … One. Day. Older. or. One. Day. Better. One day? One year? One quarter? One season? If yes, Bravo! If yes, or no – what are you going to do to change things for the better? As the saying goes … Hope and Lucky are indeed […]

1 Million New Spray Tanners, Already in Your Salon

Ernst & Young conducted market research and learned that 25% of sunbed tanners plan to spray tan in the coming 12 months. 25% equals 1.1 Million sunbed tanners. Market research is, well, research and you live in reality. So, how can you make our own luck to dramatically increase the number of sunbed tanners who […]

Do you have ASP (not ESP)

ASP stands for Average Selling Price. As in, what is the ASP for a spray tan in your salon over the last 12 months? It is the most important piece of data to know about your spray tan business – just as important as total session count. Most salon owners presume that it is much […]

Legitimate Fear, Legitimate Growth

CEO behind Applebee’s reveals how the Dollarita played an essential role in the chain’s turnaround The Dollarita was the game changer that Applebee’s needed to turn around its business, Steve Joyce, the CEO of parent company Dine Brands, told Business Insider. The dollar-drink deal was originally seen as a risk internally, with some franchisees fearing […]

Salons Growing 28% Share their Secrets

Spray tanning is growing. In fact, in 2017, over 1,000 salons grew their spray tan sessions by 28% or higher. Sunless, Inc. conducted research over the last 2 years to understand the common practices driving that growth and summarized those actions into a ‘How-To’ guide. It is chock-full of specific strategies and tactics used by […]

Brady Bunch & Cocktail Tanning

It’s a worthwhile challenge to persuade UV Tanners to try/use spray tanning. Some UV-ers don’t think a spray tan looks natural-enough. But, experience shows that most UV-ers have not tried spray, and many that have tried spray think it gives better color than expected. What’s that have to do with the Brady Bunch? The Brady’s […]

Best Piece of Advice Ever Given

The best piece of advice ever given was by the art director of magazine Harper’s Bazaar, Alexey Brodovitch, to the young Richard Avedon, who was destined to become one of the world’s greatest photographers. Richard went to Alexey on his first day of work and asked – “What do you want me to do?” Alexey […]

What women (shoppers) want

Paco Underhill is the founder and CEO of Envirosell Inc. He works with companies such as Target, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Verizon and others examining culture, shopping patterns, trends, and showing those companies how to reposition themselves to do better in the marketplace. In his book “What Women Want”, Underhill says women want cleanliness, control, safety, […]

Aim small, Miss small

It’s August, and you want to take advantage of schools being back in session, and you want to promote your new program … simplified and reasonable pricing designed to steal business from competitors like nail, wax, and eyebrow. Start small if needed, accumulate a few wins and build from there – for instance: Identify the […]