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A one, and a 2

When your review data in your POS system, do you have any salon rooms generating LESS THAN $65,000+ in annual sales, at 80% gross margin? If yes, here’s something to consider. Across all salons in the USA, a VersaSpa PRO spray booth performs 8.9 spray sessions per day – on average. Btw, the average for […]

No one is rational, or everyone is rational

Common remarks of salon owners: “EFT is obviously the best deal for a spray tanner”, and “The best way to sell EFT is to have very high price on a single session” Another common remark: “I’m not getting enough spray tanners to sign up for EFT.” Hmmmm? People love deals, yet EFT sign-up is disappointing. […]

If the phone don’t ring, it’s me

Only ~3% of women in USA spray tan 1 or more times per year. Yikes — or — Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity There are many ways to capture those ladies attention and get them into your salon to get a beautiful spray tan. Here’s a few messages that have proven to drive interest that can be […]

Maybe it’s time to have your hand held

A Handheld spray tan system is often misunderstood It’s hard to learn the technique I’ll have to hire a technician (another employee) There’s not much demand for handheld spray sessions (compared to VersaSpa) A new system can be expensive Not … so … fast Norvell, also owned by Sunless, Inc., performs as many spray tan […]

Your salon is a ‘leaky bucket’

Truth is – every business is a ‘leaky bucket’. Current customers stop coming and buying – they defect to competition, they move, they die, they stop using the product/service because it is no longer affordable. What’s a business to do? Since every business is constantly ‘leaking’ customers, the business needs to keep adding new customers. […]

Did you get married on your 1st date?

Neither did I. Neither did anyone I know. Come to think of it, have you ever heard anyone say “We dated for 2 years and then got married – I wish we had gotten married after our 1st date.” What’s the point? Too many salons ask spray tanners to marry them on the first date […]

Tan Salons & McDonald’s

Have you noticed that McDonald’s and Wendy’s now have 2 or more drive-thru lanes? Have you noticed Chick-Fil-A has people standing in the driveway taking orders on iPads (even in Winter)? Must cost a fortune. Or, maybe it pays for itself – those big companies are not in the habit of wasting money on added […]

Millennials – a management nightmare! Really?

What retailers offer the very best customer service and customer experience? Disney Chick-Fil-A Apple stores Chipotle Those stores are stocked with Millennial workers. How have they solved the … Millennial dilemma? Mission: They clearly, simply and repeatedly communicate how the retailer will make their customers day and life a little better. The retailer can’t save […]