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“No problem” — is a problem

According to customer service expert John DiJulius of the DeJulius Group the phrase/response “No Problem” should be banned. What does John know? Well, aside from his enormously successful customer service consulting business, he owns the John Roberts Salon chain in Cleveland, which is equally successful. So, why is “No problem, or Not a problem” a […]

3 x $25 — worth a lot more than — 1 x $45

The NFL (National Football League) is a huge business. Ever go to an NFL game at a big stadium? Practically have to mortgage the house to pay for the outing. What does that have to do with your salon? In 2017, the Atlanta Falcons did what no other NFL team could – they increased DOLLAR […]

Free Spray Tan Day – it turns a lot of customers off

4 reasons why Customers get turned-off by “Free Tan Day”: “Free Isn’t Free” Free spray only includes lowest level tan, which does not provide enough color for many tanners The limitations of Free are not clearly communicated Staffers start up-selling when it’s supposed to be a ‘Free Tan’ Ideas to improve Free Spray Tan No […]

Doing fewer spray sessions than your competition? Find out.

You can find out how many spray tan sessions your salon performs vs. other salons in your State and USA. The chart below depicts actual data from the latest 12 months which shows that Salon ‘A’ performs 4.9 tan sessions per day on average, versus all other salons in South Carolina which perform 6.1, and […]

Simplified (not lower) prices grow sales & sessions

Customers are often confused by all the spray tan options & prices, even when a salon staffer takes time to explain it. That complexity and confusion hurts sales. Sunless, Inc. has case studies which show that simplified price for the tan and ‘additives’ increase the number of sessions and the revenue per session. How does […]

1,022 salons grew spray sessions 28+%

1,022 —  that’s a lot of salons +28% — that’s a lot more sessions What did they do? First and foremost, the salon owner decided to make spray tanning a focal point of the business growth plan. Then … The most common activity was making the price of a single session more reasonable (3 x […]