#1 Best-Selling Sunless Tanner

Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Self-Tans

Refined from VersaSpa’s best-selling professional salon spray tan formulations,
VersaSpa’s self-tanning products uniquely combine green & brown marine algae to detoxify, firm and rejuvenate skin for a dark, long-lasting, natural-looking tan.

Why the Best Self-Tanner is VersaSpa

Color Control

Control your color from a glow to a deep, dark tan


Hydrating & firming ingredients for a longer-lasting tan

No Odor

Odor-Ban 200TM virtually eliminates tanning odor

No Orange

Only premium, Eco-Certified and skin pH balancing ingredients

Choose Your Tan

Dark tan now, or gradually darken over days

Instant tan

Bronzer provides immediate color while a dark, long-lasting tan develops

gradual tan

Hydrates and moisturizes your skin instantly while building a gradual tan when used daily