“By 2022, the minimum wage in California will rise to $15. But the owner of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Sacramento plans to go ahead and raise the wages of his employees now, offering a huge bump to $17 to $18 from the $12 to $13 he pays now. While analysts can’t say whether a $17 to $18 hourly wage is the highest in the country for front-line fast-food workers, it certainly appears to be among the higher ones, said David Henkes, a senior principal with Technomic, a restaurant research and consulting firm.”

Eric Mason, owner of the Chick-fil-A location in Sacramento, comments: “I’m looking at it big-picture and long-term. What that does for the business is provide consistency, someone that has relationships with our guests, and it’s going to be building a long-term culture.”

Warren Solochek, senior vice president of industry relations for the food service practice at NPD Group, adds: “You can’t have that high level of service when you continually hire people and have to train people. You need people who’ve been in their job for a while. That’s Chick-fil-A’s reputation, and that’s very true across the country.”
The Washington Post

Compared to what

Women have many options to get their look ‘just so’.

Are you making her an offer that she can’t refuse?

The Offer: Great Environment (salon). Great Service (staffer). Great Value for the money (spray tan).

Is your salon and spray tan offer a better OVERALL deal than her other options?

If your price is $30 or more for a single session, are you giving your salon the best chance to win her business?

If you’d like help to grow your salon’s sales and profit, connect with your VersaSpa representative at 888-974-9977.

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I love to be kept waiting

Said, no one … ever.

Yet, Thursdays and Fridays offer hefty wait times for spray tanners because, well, every weekend is an ‘event’, even when there isn’t a wedding, prom, or the like.

What can a salon do to reduce this wait time and inconvenience?

1) Conduct a market survey to see if local salons make their customer wait as long as your salon. If not, check to see if the salon has more than 1 spray room.

2) Spread the crowd by offering the “Saturday Special”. On Saturday, there’s still 2 days left in weekend – lots of fun can still be had, especially when she’s looking her very best. Offer a special discount on Saturday morning spray tans. Historically, only 12% of spray tan sessions occur on Saturday versus 51% on Thursday and Friday, combined.

Make Saturdays work harder for your salon.

3) Add another spray room to the salon. That’s right, it might be time to invest more in spray tanning – especially if the number of customers waiting is consistent and your local competitors have 2+ spray rooms. Mystic Tan has case studies which demonstrate that salons that add a spray room increase spray sessions by 40% (provided they also offer a reasonable price). If the budget is tight – consider buying a used booth. Businesses that make is easier and more convenient for customers win new customers and loyalty.

If you’d like to discuss ideas to build a bigger and more profitable spray tan business – connect with your VersaSpa  representative at 888-974-9977.

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You can deduct 100% of purchase price for Spray Tan Equipment

Changes in the IRS tax code make it easier and more affordable for salon owners to purchase new spray tan equipment.

Section 179 of the updated IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the current tax year. That means that if a business buys (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, it can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from their gross income.

Simple example: If a business has Gross Income of $50,000 and purchases a new automated spray tan booth for $26,000, the adjust (taxable) Gross Income is reduced by $26,000 to $24,000, which lessens overall tax payment, while allowing the business to invest in itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every business owner should consult with their personal tax advisor to determine how this tax provision will affect their individual business, and whether or not the laws and regulations have changed.

As a reminder, sales/income from spray tanning is 100% exempt from the 10% Tan Tax.

I Don’t Eat Meat

Customer to restaurant server: How’s the NY Strip tonight?

Server to customer: I don’t eat meat, I’m a vegetarian.

As bad as that response is, can you even imagine a server saying: “I don’t eat at this restaurant.”

Yet, a similar scenario is not uncommon in tan salons.

Customer to staffer: “Can you tell me a little about spray tanning?”

Staffer to customer: “I don’t spray tan.” 

Spray tanning may not be for every staffer, but every staffer needs to know how to sell a spray tan.

So, what might a staffer who doesn’t spray tan say to a customer?

  • It might be most helpful to let you know what our spray tanners love about it …
  • UV tanning is my fave but our customer that spray tan look amazing …
  • We must have 50 people spray tan each week, and they love …

Customers are looking to be honestly informed, so have staffers tell them what spray tan lovers love about spray tanning.

If you’d like help with staffer training – connect with your VersaSpa representative at 888-974-9977.

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A one, and a 2

When your review data in your POS system, do you have any salon rooms generating LESS THAN $65,000+ in annual sales, at 80% gross margin? If yes, here’s something to consider.

Across all salons in the USA, a VersaSpa PRO spray booth performs 8.9 spray sessions per day – on average. Btw, the average for the predecessor VersaSpa booth is 5.2 per day, or 41% less sessions.

8.9 sessions per day

x 365 days

= 3,248 spray sessions per year

x $21.00 per spray session

=$68,218 in annual sales for salon

Little secret: Many salons with VersaSpa PRO booth, have more than 1 and have implemented a reasonable price for a single spray session.

New & better equipment + Reasonable price + Faster service for customers = Win for customers & salon owners.  

If you’d like support to evaluate POS data and to discuss ideas to build a bigger and more profitable spray tan business – connect with your VersaSpa  representative at 888-974-9977.

No one is rational, or everyone is rational

Common remarks of salon owners: “EFT is obviously the best deal for a spray tanner”, and “The best way to sell EFT is to have very high price on a single session”

Another common remark: “I’m not getting enough spray tanners to sign up for EFT.”

Hmmmm? People love deals, yet EFT sign-up is disappointing. What’s going on here?

People are not rational – not me, not you, not anyone.

  • Why do only 60% of people, eligible for employer-matching 401K programs sign up? It’s free money.
  • Why do less than 50% of adults have a will? Seems rational and logical that everyone knows they’re going to die – maybe tomorrow.
  • Why doesn’t everyone shop at Walmart for undifferentiated products like Oreos, Jif peanut butter, Advil? Walmart offers the lowest price.

Maybe it’s because everyone is indeed perfectly rational — in their own mind.

Salons need EFT because it provides a predictable revenue stream and induces loyalty to a salon.

People who frequently spray tan love EFT because, well, it’s a great deal (about $15 per tan, if tan 4x per month).

What about the people who don’t like EFT – Don’t like to be locked-into a payment, Not sure they will use the service enough to make it pay-off, Afraid if will be hard to cancel, Only want to spray tan 1x per month, or every 3 months?

So, if a tanner is unwilling to sign up for EFT on their 1st visit, what’s the best ways to get them join EFT (later) …

  • Give them a reasonable price for a single session (how likely is somehow to be satisfied and give rave reviews about a salon, when charged $50+ for a single session tan that lasts 5-7 days)
  • Give the guidance to make sure they get a great tan
  • Have a reasonably priced 2 or 3 tan package, with an extended expiration period – 60 days

EFT selling often fails not because of the value of the deal, but the quirky and (ir)rational aspects of human nature.

Make it easy and satisfying to try spray tanning, and to come back again. The more trips to the salon a person makes, the more chances you have to sell EFT.

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If the phone don’t ring, it’s me

Only ~3% of women in USA spray tan 1 or more times per year.

Yikes — or — Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity

There are many ways to capture those ladies attention and get them into your salon to get a beautiful spray tan.

Here’s a few messages that have proven to drive interest that can be used in your advertising, accompanied by a picture of person with great tan (social media, web site, emails, sidewalk signs, newspaper, radio).

Immediate Gratification appeals to everyone — big gain with minimal, or no pain
– 4 Minutes to Beautiful

‘Cheating’ is another type of message that captures interest
– Exercise 4 months or Get tan in 4 minutes

(Implied) Endorsement
– ‘The Celebrity Tanning Secret’ – accompanied by a picture of women who has the ‘celebrity’ look

More ideas to capture this 97% are listed in previous blog posts:

There’s more options and to discuss those ideas to build a bigger and more profitable spray tan business – connect with your a Sunless, Inc. representative at 888-974-9977.

Maybe it’s time to have your hand held

A Handheld spray tan system is often misunderstood

  • It’s hard to learn the technique
  • I’ll have to hire a technician (another employee)
  • There’s not much demand for handheld spray sessions (compared to VersaSpa)
  • A new system can be expensive

Not … so … fast

  • Norvell, also owned by Sunless, Inc., performs as many spray tan sessions per year as VersaSpa – it’s popular because people get a great tan from Norvell trained artists
  • Norvell University offers FREE comprehensive training at the premier handheld training program – when a new handheld system is purchased
  • Additionally, Norvell offers beginner and experienced technicians 1-on-1, hands-on, on-demand skill training at 20+ salons around the country from certified Norvell Educators. Train whenever you want and often as you want.
  • A salon owner or existing staffer can learn to be an outstanding spray tan artist very quickly
  • Norvell has 4 models of handheld system ranging in price from $279 to $999
  • Norvell is the #1 Rated sunless tanning brand by Professional spray tan artists/technicians – the brand you can trust

Do you have a salon room with broken or under-productive equipment?

Would you like to make that space productive again?
Do you want to build a bigger spray tan business, but it’s not the right time to invest in another booth?

The Norvell customer care team is eager to answer your questions about handheld spray tan systems, training and business building practices – connect at 888.829.2831

Used or New Spray Tan Equipment … decisions, decisions

Should I buy new or used auto spray tan equipment?

Like most decision involving your business, you should begin by thinking about your customers and what they expect.

If the area in which you do business is surrounded by other salons (hair, spa, nail, etc.) and businesses that present a high end image, then you may have no choice. If the customers in your market are upper-income, then again, you may have no choice. If you want your salon to stand apart from other tan salons, well …

But, what if you have a choice, or you’re not sure if you have the budget for new?

Here’s a few things to evaluate when considering Used:

  1. Who owned it
  2. What is the salon like … neat as pin? well trained staff? conscientious owner?
  3. How hard was the equipment used and how cared for – any visible signs of troublesome or unsightly wear and tear
  4. Does equipment have all the latest and expected upgrades – heat, auto wash-down, voice? Even if it were feasible, it could cost thousands to have those upgrades added
  5. Who will pack the equipment for the move to your salon – can’t risk damage. It can cost $1,000 to $2,000 to have it properly disassembled and re-assembled
  6. Who will install and calibrate equipment – that cost can run $1,500

While there are more than few import watch-outs, you can find good buys on used equipment, if you are diligent about the details. Also, used may be the way to go if your salon is new to auto spray tanning.

Buying New has benefits as well.

  1. Latest, greatest features
  2. Easier for staffers to run and maintain, and easier for the tanner
  3. Neat as a pin (the shopper guru Paco Underhill says that ‘above all else, women want clean’)
  4. Warranty
  5. Direct support from Sunless, Inc. to get the booth shipped, installed, calibrated, serviced and get staff trained
  6. 100% payback in less than 1 year

Like many things, you need to consider not only the purchase price, but also the total cost of ownership, over time.

Your final criteria should start at the beginning – what will your customer expect, and what will drive the most sales and profits, both now and the years ahead?

If you’d like help to evaluate this decisions – connect with your a Sunless, Inc. representative at 888-974-9977.


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