Free Spray Tan Day – it turns a lot of customers off

4 reasons why Customers get turned-off by “Free Tan Day”:

  1. “Free Isn’t Free”
  2. Free spray only includes lowest level tan, which does not provide enough color for many tanners
  3. The limitations of Free are not clearly communicated
  4. Staffers start up-selling when it’s supposed to be a ‘Free Tan’

Ideas to improve Free Spray Tan

  1. No fine print – be clear about what is being offered
  2. All tan/color levels included in free offer (from Light to Dark)
  3. Go easier on the Up-sell — lots people trying for 1st time,  or trying again after long lapse. Offer an easy to buy 2 or 3 tan package, rather than EFT.

Free spray tan days should create (new) raving fans, who brag about their tan and your salon to their friends – creating even more paying customers.

Make Free, Free … so this day will become your #1 driver of new customers.

If Free Spray Day is not driving the kind of results you planned, call your Sunless, Inc. representative for more ideas to win more new customers at 888-974-9977.

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