I Don’t Eat Meat

Customer to restaurant server: How’s the NY Strip tonight?

Server to customer: I don’t eat meat, I’m a vegetarian.

As bad as that response is, can you even imagine a server saying: “I don’t eat at this restaurant.”

Yet, a similar scenario is not uncommon in tan salons.

Customer to staffer: “Can you tell me a little about spray tanning?”

Staffer to customer: “I don’t spray tan.” 

Spray tanning may not be for every staffer, but every staffer needs to know how to sell a spray tan.

So, what might a staffer who doesn’t spray tan say to a customer?

  • It might be most helpful to let you know what our spray tanners love about it …
  • UV tanning is my fave but our customer that spray tan look amazing …
  • We must have 50 people spray tan each week, and they love …

Customers are looking to be honestly informed, so have staffers tell them what spray tan lovers love about spray tanning.

If you’d like help with staffer training – connect with your VersaSpa representative at 888-974-9977.

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