I love to be kept waiting

Said, no one … ever.

Yet, Thursdays and Fridays offer hefty wait times for spray tanners because, well, every weekend is an ‘event’, even when there isn’t a wedding, prom, or the like.

What can a salon do to reduce this wait time and inconvenience?

1) Conduct a market survey to see if local salons make their customer wait as long as your salon. If not, check to see if the salon has more than 1 spray room.

2) Spread the crowd by offering the “Saturday Special”. On Saturday, there’s still 2 days left in weekend – lots of fun can still be had, especially when she’s looking her very best. Offer a special discount on Saturday morning spray tans. Historically, only 12% of spray tan sessions occur on Saturday versus 51% on Thursday and Friday, combined.

Make Saturdays work harder for your salon.

3) Add another spray room to the salon. That’s right, it might be time to invest more in spray tanning – especially if the number of customers waiting is consistent and your local competitors have 2+ spray rooms. Mystic Tan has case studies which demonstrate that salons that add a spray room increase spray sessions by 40% (provided they also offer a reasonable price). If the budget is tight – consider buying a used booth. Businesses that make is easier and more convenient for customers win new customers and loyalty.

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