If the phone don’t ring, it’s me

Only ~3% of women in USA spray tan 1 or more times per year.

Yikes — or — Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity

There are many ways to capture those ladies attention and get them into your salon to get a beautiful spray tan.

Here’s a few messages that have proven to drive interest that can be used in your advertising, accompanied by a picture of person with great tan (social media, web site, emails, sidewalk signs, newspaper, radio).

Immediate Gratification appeals to everyone — big gain with minimal, or no pain
– 4 Minutes to Beautiful

‘Cheating’ is another type of message that captures interest
– Exercise 4 months or Get tan in 4 minutes

(Implied) Endorsement
– ‘The Celebrity Tanning Secret’ – accompanied by a picture of women who has the ‘celebrity’ look

More ideas to capture this 97% are listed in previous blog posts:

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