Light Buyers are Pretty Heavy

Byron Sharp, best selling author of “How Brands Grow” challenged the conventional wisdom surrounding brand loyalty, purchase frequency and market share growth.

He has proven that light/infrequent buyers are really the secret to growth.

Sharp’s first law is that brands can’t get bigger on the back of loyal customers. Applying a statistical analysis to sales data, he demonstrates that the majority of any successful brand’s sales comes from “light buyers”: people who buy it relatively infrequently. Coca-Cola’s business is not built on a hardcore of Coke lovers who drink it daily, but on the millions of people who buy it once or twice a year. You, for instance, may not think of yourself as a Coke buyer, but if you’ve bought it once in the last 12 months, you’re actually a typical Coke consumer. This pattern recurs across brands, categories, countries and time. Whether it’s toothpaste or computers, cars or banks, brands depend on large numbers of people — that’s to say, the masses — who buy them only occasionally, leave long gaps between purchases and buy competing brands in between.

Therefore, what? 

Salons need to re-think the prices charged for single session spray tans – the more reasonable the price, the more likely 1st time and ‘infrequent’ buyers will spray tan – and, according to Byron, the more likely your business will grow.

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