Make local Bloggers (and her followers) fall in love with spray tanning

Bloggers have lots of fans who follow their advise.

So, VersaSpa invited 50 bloggers to spray tan and then write about their experience – good, bad, in-between, anything they wanted to write – no strings. The bloggers lived all across USA.

Other than covering cost of the tan ($45 on average), they were not compensated. Mystic Tan had no previous dealings with the bloggers.

31 accepted the invitation.

The results – drum roll!!!!

They loved it – yes, loved it.

Most of the posts were ‘crazy’ similar

  • Never did it before
  • Was afraid I’d turn orange/Ross
  • Salon staffers were friendly and helpful
  • Anxious to get in booth
  • Spray experience was quick & really pleasant
  • Tan turned out great — much better than expected

What now for a local salon?

Find local bloggers who write about beauty, health, lifestyle, fashion, culture, society, entertainment.

Where? Local … Newspapers, TV stations, Colleges, High Schools, Chamber of Commerce.

Invite them to tan for Free (any & all options, don’t scrimp with bloggers, ask them to bring along 1-2 friends) and ask them to write about the experience – no string attached.

Once bloggers get hooked on the spray tan, they’ll keep mentioning it in other posts, and on social media.

If you’d like to discuss ideas to build a bigger and more profitable spray tan business – connect with your Sunless, Inc. representative at 888-974-9977.

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