Simplified (not lower) prices grow sales & sessions

Customers are often confused by all the spray tan options & prices, even when a salon staffer takes time to explain it. That complexity and confusion hurts sales.

Sunless, Inc. has case studies which show that simplified price for the tan and ‘additives’ increase the number of sessions and the revenue per session.

How does simplification work?

In most salons, over 12 months, the average revenue per spray session ranges from $12 to $19 (varies by market).

How is that determined?

    1. What were total number single spray tan sessions at your salon in 2017 (e.g. no deal, deal, free sessions): ____
    2. What were total Sales dollars from all single spray tan sessions at your salon in 2017: ____
    3. Divide # Sessions by Sales = Salon’s Average Revenue per Single Session: ____
    4. Make that your everyday price for a single spray session (no additives): ______
    5. Additive price: Keep it simple … Charge $3, or $4, or $5 for every additive: $_____
    6. EFT price? It’s already a great deal – don’t change

Believe it or not, the simplified approach makes it easier for the customer to understand the options and, more important, easier to say “Yes”.

So, press the EASY button to increase sessions and dollars per session.

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