Steak is to Spray Tanning as …

Have you ever visited a Texas Roadhouse restaurant? There’s over 400 in the USA, with many more to come.

The places are huge, and are virtually empty Sunday through Wednesday night.

So, why build such a huge restaurant that gets used at maybe 15% of capacity 4 days per week?

Because, Thursday through Saturday night, hundreds of people want to eat there, and will only do so if they can get a tasty meal, quickly.

Texas Roadhouse builds the restaurant to maximize sales when the people want to eat/visit.

For Texas Roadhouse, maxing-out Thursday through Saturday pays the bills and then some, and more than covers the relatively few customers that eat there Sunday through Wednesday.

Salons that are growing spray tan sessions have 2+ spray rooms. Those salons make it convenient and quick to get a spray on the days when people want to spray.

Spray is more like Steak than it might seem.

FYI: 100% of the purchase price for your booth is currently tax deductible.