How does self-tanning lotion work?

When using self-tanning products, you have two options: an instant self-tan, or a gradual self-tan. Instant self-tan products have a bronzer and give you an immediate tan. Gradual self-tan products are applied daily to gradually build color, and allow you to control the depth of your tan.

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How do I apply self-tanning spray?

It’s easy to apply the VersaSpa Bronzing Mist Self-Tan Spray! Spray in a side-to-side sweeping motion all over your body. Then, blend it in with your hand or our Applicator Mitt for even coverage!

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How do I apply bronzing lotion?

When applying a bronzer apply it in a circular motion over your entire body. Apply lightly around your feet, ankles, knees and elbows. You can either use your hand or our Applicator Mitt for all over, even coverage. Then, simply let dry before dressing and you’ll have an instant, beautiful tan!

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How do I use a tanning mitt?

The VersaSpa Applicator Mitt makes it even easier to apply our self-tan products. Just apply your tanning lotion, foaming water, or mousse to the mitt and blend into the skin using circular motions. The Applicator Mitt assures an even and mess-free application!

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What are the best self-tan products?

VersaSpa’s best-selling self-tanning products are uniquely formulated with green & brown marine algae to detoxify, firm, and rejuvenate the skin for a natural-looking tan. Visit our shop page to browse our options for Instant Self-Tanning, Gradual Self-Tanning, and Skin Prep & Application products.

Should you moisturize before self-tanning?

Keeping your skin moisturized is important to maintain your tan. VersaSpa products are made with skin-loving ingredients that hydrate the skin for a long-lasting tan.

What is the best self-tan for pale skin?

The VersaSpa Bronzing Mist is a great choice for an instant, sun-swept tan. This micro-spray provides head-to-toe flawless color, for an even and gorgeous tan.

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How long do self-tanners last?

Your tan will last up to a week with VersaSpa self-tanning products. We recommend using our Gradual Tanning Body Butter Lotion everyday to build your tan and make it last longer!

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