What women (shoppers) want

Paco Underhill is the founder and CEO of Envirosell Inc. He works with companies such as Target, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Verizon and others examining culture, shopping patterns, trends, and showing those companies how to reposition themselves to do better in the marketplace.

In his book “What Women Want”, Underhill says women want cleanliness, control, safety, and considerateness. And, What Women Want points out that businesses flourish when they recognize that women want different things than men do, from cars to hotels to drugstores. There’s a fascinating chapter about hotels, stressing that women travelers want clean rooms, good lighting and safety.

Regarding cleanliness, he asserts:

  • Cleanliness is hardwired to the female brain
  • Clean and unclean register instantaneously for most women
  • Clean matters to women – it really matters

How does cleanliness factor into your … training, daily inspection, staff feedback, staff reward system?